The Central Suriname Nature Reserve is a conservation unit in Suriname. It preserves an area of tropical rainforest.

Brownsberg Nature Park is a reserve in Suriname, south of Paramaribo, the capital city. It encompasses tropical rainforest on Brownsberg mountain by the vast Brokopondo Reservoir. Irene, Leo and other waterfalls dot the park, which also has many trails.

Peperpot Nature Park is a nature park on the Suriname River five kilometers outside Paramaribo , the capital of Suriname . The more than 700 hectare nature reserve was for centuries a coffee and cocoa plantation called Peperpot .

The only zoo in Suriname, Paramaribo Zoo has survived for 40 years to finally see an increase in visitors over the past decade or so. You’ll have a chance to observe a variety of animals in captivity, including several monkeys, caimans, jaguars, red ibis, king vultures, boa constrictors, and anacondas.